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When it comes to the application and concept of modern servers, there are always industry jargon such as cloud computing and hyper fusion applications, which can easily create difficult situations for many users to understand. Even if the hardware infrastructure is set up in the field and online support is provided, system operators ultimately need to consider terminal requirements and find suitable hardware to build server solutions.

Despite many advanced technologies, the main requirements for server construction are still speed, scalability, lifespan, and efficiency. The server must be able to effectively handle the accumulated and constantly increasing amount of data. When the server's service volume reaches the upper limit, it must be able to seamlessly connect and upgrade painlessly. Therefore, products with long service life and durability are crucial for the reliability of servers. At the same time, the components on the server must also minimize power consumption to avoid overheating.

Ultra fast speed, super durability

Server memory must be fast and reliable. The module supports efficient operation and undergoes detailed testing and verification before shipment to ensure product quality and maximize system operation hours. Paired with SATADOM ® The server powered on by the OS operating system can start up faster and more reliably than traditional interface devices, and can also easily set RAID functions to further improve server system performance.

Simplify server architecture

Many server solutions use standard SSDs as the boot disk, which will waste a lot of hard drive Bay space. Not only is it compact in size, but it also eliminates the need for additional power cords, saving space and simplifying server construction. In addition, our server DIMM memory module adopts a Low Profile design, which can provide thermal management without affecting performance.

Lower and lower power consumption

By adopting Innodisk's low wattage solution, data center costs can be easily managed. And lower energy consumption also represents a reduction in thermal energy consumption, further reducing costs.

Advanced specifications, in line with industry expectations

We are ready for the future server market demand. The SATADOM server boot device is certified by Microsoft Windows Server 2016's Hyper V and VMware Virtual Machine Manager, and is compatible with the most commonly used Linux server operating system on the market.

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