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Fulfilling the promise of Industry 4.0

The main core spirit of Industry 4.0 is to achieve comprehensive automation, connecting various units through intelligent technology, and transforming into an automated industrial model with adaptability, resource efficiency, and human factors engineering. Therefore, the next industrial revolution will occur in smart factories.

One of the core concepts of automation is augmented reality (AR), which simulates the operation of devices, machines, and engineering vehicles in a factory through virtual reality to predict and understand on-site conditions. Therefore, under the trend of Industry 4.0, the demand for data analysis and software integration is also relatively increasing, and high-speed and reliable components will become necessary components for comprehensive automation.

Robust design is the most essential product attribute in automation components. Due to the fact that components must withstand various mechanical external forces in different industrial environments or operate in high heat environments, product robustness is their primary consideration. In addition, unstable power supply conditions often occur in industrial environments, so additional measures are needed to protect data and ensure that the system can restart smoothly and undamaged in the event of a sudden power outage.

Complete solution

Under the high interconnection of data analysis and equipment, a system capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously is needed. Meeting the high demand for industrial grade modules in the automation industry, and equipped with a complete and compatible software management platform to monitor and predict the system lifecycle, as well as user alarm usage systems. These data and functions can be easily accessed and viewed through the cloud.

Excellent data protection

Many automation applications are prone to disrupting the integrity of data due to unstable power supply. Having a diverse range of technology options allows the system to provide complete protection against data loss in the event of sudden power outages or unstable power supply.

Product strength first

Industrial sites are often exposed to harsh environments, resulting in computer systems having to withstand the effects of high heat and mechanical external forces, as well as impacts and vibrations. The robust memory modules of Innodisk have undergone rigorous testing and verification, capable of withstanding these external forces while maintaining complete functional operation.

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