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Creating an Connected World

Two computers connected can have the most basic network interconnection system. If such an architecture is replicated, it will evolve into a giant architecture such as the Internet or telecommunications network. With the increasing level of global connectivity, the boundaries between these large networks have become increasingly blurred.

The most important thing in a network is clear and powerful signals, but many transmission connection points are located in remote and harsh environments, so the system must have both adaptability and durability.

In addition, with the demands of modern giant networks and huge amounts of data, coupled with the limitations of space and volume, the demand for more refined, faster, and more reliable online quality products will continue to increase in the future.

Memory module, naturally resistant to pressure

All memory modules have the ability to withstand harsh environments. The use of surface coating technology, as well as value-added technologies such as dispensing, can further extend the service life of DRAM modules while preventing damage from dust, moisture, and corrosive substances.

Performance is inherently sustainable

The engineering level modules all meet the high intensity signal specifications required by the Netcom market. Its DRAM module and flash memory both have the advantages of high capacity and fast speed to ensure sustained network performance.

Future scalability, inherently flexible

The biggest headache for System Integration Integrators (SI) is the lack of sufficient space when expanding or importing new systems. Choosing products with diverse and exquisite sizes and connection interfaces can ensure smooth and effective migration and import when integrating the system.

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