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Crossing the most difficult road

At present, the structure and design of automobiles are much more complex than those produced in early assembly plants, so more technology will be needed to support automotive design.

Many vehicles must operate in various unimaginable environments, so any system on the vehicle must overcome various challenges brought about by temperature changes or other severe conditions. Furthermore, the mutual electromagnetic interference caused by onboard systems, unstable power supply, and other obstacles need to be overcome.

In addition, space and weight limitations are also important issues, so using smaller and more streamlined in car electronic designs can release more space and reduce fuel consumption.

Reduce various heating factors

Extreme temperature differences and frequent thermal cycling can easily lead to damage to automotive parts and seriously reduce their service life. All car products have passed temperature testing and validation from -40 ° C to 85 ° C. SSD, combined with integrated thermal sensors, can better detect temperature spikes and effectively operate the cooler to avoid overheating.

Resist damage caused by extreme environments

The product meets the US military standard MIL-STD-810G and can withstand various large impacts and vibrations in the environment, while maintaining normal operation. DRAM memory modules all have fixed holes that can be more securely installed on the motherboard, and provide surface coating technology to prevent damage caused by dust, dirt, and moisture.

Isolation design and power stability

The car product series meets the industry standards of EU E-Mark, US SAE J1113, and ISO 7637-2, ensuring that the modules are not subject to electromagnetic interference. In addition, through the integration of firmware and hardware technology, the risk of data loss caused by power system instability is effectively avoided, ensuring more complete protection of information.

Highly customized to meet various needs

We have a professional firmware team and various product specifications and connection interfaces, tailor-made solutions for customers that can be applied to any car application needs.

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