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Retail Industry in the Age of Automation

The Sales Point of Sale (POS) system is an electronic management system widely used in industries such as retail, catering, and hotels, mainly used to track the sales, inventory, and purchase behavior of goods. With the advancement of the digital wave, although the POS system has not yet been widely used for fully automated unmanned stores, it has developed relatively mature in many new application fields. For example, the data collected through the POS system not only allows for in-depth research on customer consumption behavior and predicted demand, but also provides a very valuable database for future customer satisfaction and potential profitable market development.

The POS system places great emphasis on its reliability and sustainability. Once the system malfunctions, the losses are not limited to sales and maintenance costs, but more importantly, the loss of trust from potential customers is incalculable. This is precisely why POS systems must use sturdy components and highly integrated software to ensure system stability and non interference. In addition, supporting high-speed operation is also one of the essential features of modern POS systems.

Trusted and stable performance

Yiding products combine reliability and sustainability, and provide comprehensive integration solutions for hardware, firmware, and software. In the face of unstable power supply environments, Yiding's solid-state drives have additional protection to ensure product longevity and strong solidity; In terms of preventing system failures, customized recovery software is also provided to achieve effective system recovery.

Customized services that focus on details

Yiding's professional software team has the ability to develop various software services. Whether it is a Windows or Linux operating system, we can provide customized operating platforms and customize various additional functions. In addition, for certain special applications, Yiding can customize hardware and firmware to meet customer needs.

Continuously strengthening under perfect balance

Extending the lifespan of Flash memory often comes at a high cost. Therefore, Yiding has designed iSLC technology to effectively extend memory life and performance, while creating a more reasonable cost advantage for customers. With exclusive iSLC technology, you can now more easily meet the dual requirements of high performance and extended performance.

Infinite extension of functional advantages

POS systems often encounter many obstacles when upgrading and adding new components. Every time a new device is added, such as a screen, camera, scanner, etc., a new central computer is needed to handle the added work. Yiding provides various specifications of industrial control module options, which can easily seamlessly integrate with existing systems; In addition, when expanding the system, additional memory may also need to be added. With the use of Yiding high-efficiency DRAM, any memory expansion requirements will be effortless.

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POS system (sales time point system)

Public information machine

Digital Billboard

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