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安防监控                                   Security Monitoring in the Digital Era

Security monitoring is an important component in modern life, mainly used to maintain the safety of public spaces. With the gradual strengthening of computer computing power, the new generation of security monitoring methods has also been greatly upgraded. Efficient record quality not only provides better data analysis, but also enables the operation of higher-order technologies such as facial recognition and traffic flow monitoring. In the face of potential emergencies, immediate action can be taken.

The demand for high-level security monitoring continues to increase in response to digitization, such as functional requirements for data output, maintenance, and reading. However, the most important foundation still lies in the stability of data records. In the past, HDDs were mainly used in the market to provide storage functions for security monitoring, but in terms of technology, HDDs have actually reached their performance limit and cannot continue to support the diverse needs of the future security monitoring market. SSD has more application potential and relatively lower prices, so solid-state drives have gradually become popular in the security monitoring market.

An uncompromising expression of stability

The instability of any data recording operation is bound to cause frame drops, leading to security monitoring vulnerabilities and serious consequences. To address this situation, RECLine was developed ™ , Optimize firmware architecture and maintain optimal operational stability to ensure the integrity of recorded data.

Perfect performance and simultaneous operation without losing color

Under the issue of security monitoring, the function of data management is becoming increasingly important for security monitoring managers. Through a large amount of data analysis, not only can monitoring efficiency be improved, but also timely response can be made. Therefore, considering both read and write functions, data analysis requires faster memory and storage solutions. Our VLP (Very Low Profile) Mini DRAM products, as well as InnoREC ™ The SSDs product series comes in various exterior sizes to achieve high-performance performance and ensure complete data recording.

Simplify system upgrades and expansions

The upgrading and expansion of many monitoring systems may be accompanied by complex operation processes, and the PoE (Power Over Ethernet) expansion card can transmit signals and power simultaneously through a single power line, greatly simplifying the system upgrade method and saving operating costs.


Network Attached Storage Device (NAS)

Network Surveillance Video (NVR)

Digital Video Recording (DVR)

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