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M.2(PCIe3.0) to 5 Port SATA 6G Adapter IO-M2F585-5I
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Product name: M.2(PCIe3.0) to 5 Port SATA 6G Adapter
Product model: IO-M2F585-5I
Product description:

▪2-Lane M.2 PCI-Express 3.0 interface (B & M Key).
▪Complies with PCI Express Base Specification Revision 3.1a.
▪Supports PCIe link layer power saving mode.
▪Supports command-based and FIS-based for Port Multiplier.
▪Complies with SATA Specification Revision 3.2.
▪Supports 5 SATA port.
▪Supports AHCI mode and IDE programming interface.
▪Supports Native Command Queue (NCQ).
▪Supports SATA link power saving mode (partial and slumber)
▪Supports SATA plug-in detection capable.
▪Supports drive power control and staggered spin-up.
▪Supports SATA Partial / Slumber power management state.
•Supports Port Multiplier.
System Requirements
▪Windows 7 (X86/X64)
▪Windows 8/8.x / 10 (X86/X64) (Windows in-box driver)
▪Linux-base OS
Note: Does not support RAID on Port Multiplier.
Package Contents
•1 x M.2(PCIe3.0) to SATA 6G Adapter
•1 x User Manual
•5 x SATA Cable
•1 x Driver CD
Note: Contents may vary depending on country/market


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